Legends Of Runeterra Is Officially Launching At The End Of This Month

League Of Legends’ developer Riot Games’ digital card game Legends Of Runeterra is finally leaving its open beta at the end of this month. It is slated to officially launch for the PC and mobile platforms (Android and iOS) on 30 April 2020 (or 1 May 2020 GMT+8 for Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia).

Riot Games has confirmed that everything that players have earned and purchased from the open beta will carry over into the full version of the game, as well as support for crossplay between accounts on PC and mobile platforms.

The biggest news of all is that Legends Of Runeterra will be launching with over 120 new cards, which will bring the game’s total card count to a whopping 400. If you can’t wait, these new cards will be playable in Patch 1.0, which will go out at approximately 10am PT on 28 April 2020, or 1am GMT+8 on 29 April 2020.

In addition, a brand new region will also be made available alongside the new cards. More card and champion reveals will begin soon and continue through 27 April 2020. However, keep in mind that Legends Of Runeterra will not be launching in China or Vietnam.

Last but not least, all accounts that log in to Legends Of Runeterra by 11.59pm PT on 7 May 2020 (or 2.59pm on 8 May 2020) will receive an exclusive Moonstruck Poro Guardian.

In the meantime, check out the trailer below.


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