Last Oasis Seems To Have Overcome Its Server Problems

Last Oasis was a new survival MMO that came with a launch so problematic that its servers had to be suspended for a while. Now, it seems that things are back on track.

In a post on Steam, developer Donkey Crew said that their tests have yielded good results so far. “With the exception of some small issues that affected individual players or servers, which we’re investigating and will be fixing soon, everything is stable and working as intended,” they wrote.

“Seeing that many of you are enjoying the game, we’ve decided to keep the servers running overnight, and if no major issues appear during that time, we will not be wiping your progress or shutting servers down anymore.”

They also mentioned that they’re working on a content patch that is expected to be completed by next week, and that they’ll let players change their character names and appearances soon. They also mentioned reworking the character deletion feature, and that you can use a Respawn feature to join friends in different starting zones, but at the loss of your inventory and your mobile base, or walker.

A week ago, Donkey Crew posted a video of project lead Florian Hofreither giving a heartfelt apology as part of their response to the launch issues. I’m glad to hear that their tests are going well, and hope that things will be completely well soon.

Author: Melvyn Tan

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