Looks Like No Man’s Sky Is Getting Stompy Exo Mechs

Mechs are lovely things, which is the biggest reason why I’m currently hooked on Battletech. Now, exploration game No Man’s Sky is getting some stompy mechanical constructs of its own, called Exo Mechs.

That’s according to a trailer posted on Xbox’s YouTube channel, which has since been removed according to Android Central. However, it’s been preserved by some YouTubers. Have a gander at the trailer below.

Look like at those lovely things. Sure, they’re not as beautiful as my Shadow Hawk or Hunchback in BattleTech, but they’re still nice-looking bi-pedal mechs. The Exo Mechs can use jump jets and shoot lasers too, which earns them bonus points.

The official announcement will be made during the Inside Xbox 2020 presentation slated for 5am GMT+8 on 8 April 2020, but given the seemingly accidental upload on Xbox’s YouTube channel, it ought to happen fairly soon.


Author: Melvyn Tan

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