Sea of Thieves Is Sailing To Steam

After spending two years as a Windows Store exclusive, pirate game Sea of Thieves will finally be sailing to Steam.

No launch date has been listed yet, but the developers say that they will announce one soon. In the meantime, the developers have promised crossplay between Xbox One, Windows 10, and Steam players, so you can still play with your Steam friends if you bought the game on the Windows Store.

Sea of ThievesĀ is an online open-world game with story missions and various quests. Players can sail alone or with a crew to find treasure, battle skeletons, gather cargo, and more. Aside from encountering other players, or may or may not be friendly, they also have to watch out for everyone’s favourite squid, the Kraken.

While we didn’t get to review the game, Mr. Toffee got to sail on its version of the high seas during the closed beta. He liked enough to reckon that it would “be the one to get the Xbox One console out of its current-gen funk”. The game’s initial reception was lukewarm at best, but it got packed with content and a lot of things to do within the last two years.

Author: Melvyn Tan

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