Gears 5 Is Free To Play Right Now

Gears 5 came out in September 2019, which is still pretty recent. So it’s surprising that the third-person shooter is now free to try for the next four days (at time of writing).

The game is currently part of Microsoft’s Free Play Days, which lets Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members try “select, fully-featured hot games for free”. But the free period also extends to Steam, so you can try the game without being a member.

Players can likely finish Gear 5‘s campaign within that the given time frame, so perhaps Xbox Game Studios is hoping that the multiplayer will attract prospective buyers. The game recently received the Operation 3: Gridiron update, which added a single-life capture the flag mode, new characters for the Escape, Horde, and Versus modes, a new Versus villain, and new maps.

The game is 50 percent off at RM118 on the Microsoft Store too, though that’s still more expensive than Steam’s base price of RM95. Meanwhile, the Ultimate edition is 45 percent off at RM173.25 on the Microsoft Store, versus Steam’s base price of RM130.


Author: Melvyn Tan

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