Overwatch’s New Hero Echo Joins The Game This April

In four days’ time, the next Overwatch hero will drop on public servers. That’s right, Echo’s PTR time is just about done.

She’ll be swooping into the game’s roster this 14th April.

Just to recap, Echo’s abilities include flying freely and glide while falling, firing delayed-fuse sticky bombs, and using a “focusing beam” that’s devastating against enemies with less than half health. Her Ultimate lets her copy and use the abilities of any character on the opposing team, complete with an extremely accelerated ultimate generation time.

Also, she’s Singaporean, if her “can or not?” and “jialat” quotes are of any indication.

Will there be any more new heroes joining the Overwatch roster before Overwatch 2 comes in? Probably not; Blizzard and daddy Jeff Kaplan will need to start gearing up for the sequel as the original game has been around for quite a while; 5 years in fact.

Author: Mr Toffee

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