Final Fantasy VII Remake Dresses Guide: How To Score Them Girl Outfits

Final Fantasy VII Remake is jam-packed with some secrets and hidden bonuses. One of them is the dress you get to pick for Tifa, Aerith, and Cloud in different parts of the game.

Here’s a quick guide on how to get them. There are some slight spoilers below, but nothing completely major. But still….


Tifa’s Three Outfits


You can score this by activating the “Alone At Last” purple icon mission. How do you get this? By completing all 6 quests in Chapter 3. You’ll get invited to Tifa’s apartment for some heart-to-heart talk. When the dialogue option appears, you get to pick what she wears in Chapter 9 depending on the choices.

  • “Something exotic?” will net you the black dress robe.
  • “Something…sporty?” will get you the cheongsam.
  • “Something Mature” will net you the classic blue dress.

Aerith’s Three Outfits


Aerith’s dress in Chapter 9 is determined by the number of sidequests you completed in Chapter 8.

  • If you complete zero quests in Chapter 8, you’ll get the “cheap” dress followed with a hilarious rendition of her theme.
  • If you complete three quests, you’ll get a longer pink dress.
  • If you complete ALL of the quests in Chapter 8, you’ll get the scarlet-coloured fancy-as-heck dress.

Cloud’s Three Outfits


Cloud’s dress when he goes “undercover” is determined by the questline you pick in Chapter 9. After you fight Hell House in the Corneo Colosseum, you will either do errands for Chocobo Sam or Madam M.

To get Chocobo Sam’s quest line, you need to:

  • Witness Johnny’s Discovery Event “Vagabond Johnny”. Say “Yeah” when you speak to him.
  • Choose to gamble when prompted by Chocobo Sam. It doesn’t matter if you pick “Heads” or “Tails”; just choose either.
  • Pay for the “Poor Man’s Course” massage treatment at Madam M’s.
  • Tell Aerith that her dress is “alright”.

To get Madam M’s quest line, you need to:

  • Ignore Johnny’s Discovery event and say “no” when prompted.
  • Choose not to gamble with Chocobo Sam.
  • Pay for the 3,000 gil “Luxury Course” massage treatment at Madam M’s.
  • Say “it matter what I think?” to Aerith when prompted about her dress.

You’ll get a black & blue dress if you complete Chocobo Sam’s quests. You’ll score the white dress if you complete Madam M’s quests. If you completed neither, you’ll get the classic black dress.

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