Disney Is Remaking Its Robin Hood Cartoon

It seems that Disney’s Robin Hood cartoon, which featured songs and anthropomorphic animals, is next in line to get a live-action remake. This one, however, will be made for Disney+.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Blindspotting director Carlos Lopez Estrada is on board to direct, while the Lady and the Tramp remake’s writer Kari Granlund will pen the script. The project is in early development.

The Robin Hood remake will apparently retain the original’s musical elements and use of anthropomorphic characters. This time, however, it will present them via a combination of live-action and CGI.

That sounds like what they did with The Jungle Book and Lady and the Tramp, though the difference is that Robin Hood¬†is, well, Robin Hood. The characters aren’t just naked, talking animals, but human characters reimagined as animals that walk on two legs and wear clothes.¬†Even with movies like Peter Rabbit and Paddington, the idea of that being done in live-action/CGI, as opposed to CGI animation, sounds odd to me.

Having said that, I’m eager to see how the product will turn out. I just hope it doesn’t ruin my memories of the cartoon.

The original cartoon came out in 1973, and featured the voices of Brian Bedford, Monica Evans, and Phil Harris as Robin Hood, Maid Marion, and Little John respectively. Robin Hood was a fox, Main Marion a vixen, and Little John a bear.

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