World War Z Is Getting A GOTY Edition

The World War Z video game is getting a Game of the Year Edition for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, with new content included.

According to a post in the Focus Home Interactive forums, the GOTY Edition will come with a new location, Marseille, which will have three missions. Like the other locations, it will have unique maps, story, and characters. The season pass content will also be included, allowing buyers access to the weapon and character packs.

World War Z GOTY Edition is set for a 5 May 2020 release, although a price hasn’t been announced yet. I had some fun with the base game and its third-person Left 4 Dead-esque gameplay after getting it via the Epic Game Store’s now-over free giveaway, but I’d hesitate to recommend getting that a full price, much less this GOTY version. That said, the base game sold well when it came out, so it’s not a surprise that this new version exists.

More surprising is that developer Saber Interactive told IGN that a Switch version is in the works. There’ll likely be resolution and framerate sacrifices, like Doom and The Witcher 3‘s Switch versions, but the idea of seeing World War Z‘s zombie hordes on the Switch still sounds impressive.


Author: Melvyn Tan

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