Once you’re done with Final Fantasy VII Remake, you will gain access to not only a Chapter Selection mode but also a new difficulty Hard mode to bump up the challenge. In Hard mode:

  • You cannot use items.
  • Enemies are scaled to your level.
  • Boss fights are tougher than before; you’ll need to really prepare your Materia settings and weaponry before fighting them.
  • Some fights in the VR challenges are only available in Hard mode, especially the secret boss fight Pride & Joy.

Some general tips for Hard mode below:

  • EXP and AP gained in Normal mode are now doubled, so you can now farm and buff up your Materia so that it’s maxed out.
  • Speaking of Materia, make sure your party at least have the following equipped: Pray, Chakra, HP Up, Steadfast Block. 
  • Make sure you have at least two characters who can heal on the fly.
  • Master character-switching. We’ve mentioned this in our previous combat guide, but it’s way more imperative here because enemies will target the player character. Also, you build up ATB meter faster with player character attacks.

Freelance writer Kumikones has created a series of videos that show you how to tackle the game’s Hard Mode. Check them out below.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Hell House

Abzu (1st Fight)



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