Cheaters Are Driving Players Away From Crossplay Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone are really fun multiplayer shooters if it weren’t for the surge of PC cheaters playing online. It’s gotten to a point where console players are turning off crossplay altogether.

While keyboard and mouse offers a good advantage over controller users in shooters, these following clips expose cheaters pulling off perfect headshot kills without aiming via killcams.

How do people get enjoyment out of this? 150+ kill aimbot and can’t report because crossplay from modernwarfare

Another Day, Another Game with Cheaters. IW, You NEED to disable cross-play with PC until you fix this. from CODWarzone

Sad that crossplay has come to this… from modernwarfare

Every Ground War map right now has at least one of them. In most games there’s one on both sides. (Ignore the background I was watching a video) from modernwarfare

Sad that crossplay has come to this… from modernwarfare

This isn’t to say Infinity Ward aren’t doing anything about it. The developer recently issued over 70,000 bands worldwide to protect Warzone from cheaters.

The sad part is that Warzone cheaters who are banned can simply play the free-to-play battle royale on a new account easily. Perhaps Infinity Ward and Activision can temporarily disable PC-console crossplay but enable PS4-Xbox One crossplay. Or maybe have PC players link their account to a phone number ala CS:GO.

Bottom line: it’s rather frustrating to have a bad egg ruining the fun for everyone who wants a good clean PC-slash-console match.

Author: Mr Toffee

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