Better Call Saul Actor Hints At Far Cry 3’s Vaas’ Return

Actor Michael Mando is best known for his roles as Ignacio Varga on Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul, as well as the iconic villain Vaas Montenegro in Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3, which originally launched back in 2012.

However, he has hinted at a possible return for Vaas in a recent Reddit AMA. When asked by a fan whether he was still recognised as Vaas in public, Mando replied:

“Thank you so much!

Vaas is my spirit animal – having co-created that character is something that will always be dear to me.

I still get recognized as Vaas, and I still feel the outpouring of love for that character – makes me very happy.

Who knows… maybe I will reprise the role very soon? :p

Thank you for watching xo.”

While that’s not exactly a confirmation, the phrase “very soon” is weirdly specific language to use in this context. Even if Mando was to reprise the role of Vaas, what form would that take? Ubisoft is currently planning a Far Cry TV series, though that was reportedly an animated Far Cry: Blood Dragon spinoff.

Vaas was infamously killed off halfway through Far Cry 3, so it would have to be a full-on remake (which doesn’t make sense, considering that it was only recently remastered for current-gen), or a prequel game. The latter seems more likely.


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