You Can Play Borderlands 3’s Revenge Of The Cartels Event Right Now

Borderlands 3’s Revenge of the Cartels mini-event is out now. Not only that, there’s also Mayhem Mode 2.0 that you can fiddle around with to give yourself that extra level of challenge.

From today until 4th June, you can participate in this mini-event that features a new area called the Villa Ultraviolet, new enemy types, limited-time Challenges, and new Legendaries/Anointments.

Just like the Halloween event last year, you need to do a repeatable quest before you can reach Villa Ultraviolet. You have to shoot down Cartel Operatives who appear randomly all over Pandora and the game’s solar system -they glow neon, so they’re easy to spot.

Once you take them down, they’ll summon cartel goons and thugs; killing them will net you Hideout Coordinates. Getting a set number of these will then allow you to head to Villa Ultraviolet.  Here, you have to fight Eridium Cartel members and their own underbosses who drop their own specific set of Legendary weaponry and equipment.

While you’re doing this, you can also attempt the event’s limited-time challenges, which rewards you with cosmetics once completed.

  • Three Challenges: ‘VECH-tor Graphics’ ECHO Device Skin
  • Six Challenges: ‘Retro Outrunner’ Weapon Trinket
  • Ten Challenges: ‘Framed Firewall’ Room Decoration
  • 14 Challenges: ‘Hotline Pandora’ Vault Hunter Head
  • 18 Challenges: ‘Death by Filigrees’ Vault Hunter Skin

Wait, There’s More?!?

In addition to all of that, players can participate in the Loot the Universe mini-event. This mini-event takes you across the game’s solar system to loot specific types of Legendary Loot for the next four weeks. Basically, one of the planets in a particular week will have an increased chance of dropping their own dedicated Legendary weapon and gear types. Here’s the schedule:

  • Week 1 (00:00 GMT+8, 24th April to 11:59 PM GMT+8, 29th April) – Pandora
  • Week 2 (00:00 GMT+8, 30th April to 11:59 PM GMT+8, 6th May) – Promethea
  • Week 3 (00:00 GMT+8, 7th May to 11:59 PM GMT+8, 13th May) – Eden-6
  • Week 4 (00:00 GMT+8, 14th May to 11:59 PM GMT+8, 20th May) – Nekrotafeyo

Say you want to farm an anointed Hellshock from Gigamind. Your best bet is to start farming in Week 2 to get what you need since that boss is located in Promethea.

Moze Gets A Buff?

The Revenge of the Cartel patch not only fixes some bugs, but somehow buffs one of its Vault Hunters: Moze. She now gets health regen buffs that help sort out her survivability and damage. Here are the buffs she’s getting for her skills:

Dakka Bear – The seldom-used turret skill will not give Iron Bear extra damage if a player is using the turret.

Force Feedback – Not only does it start recharging your shields immediately, you now get a 10% instant shield bump.

Rushin Offensive – Now if you shoot while sprinting, Moze gets Lifesteal.

Scrappy – Now gets weapon damage in addition to handling, mode switch speed and swap sweep.

Torgue Cross-Promotion – Also increases splash damage in addition to splash size now.

Vladoff Ingenuity – Now also gives bonus shield regen speed in addition to a larger shield at the cost of health.

While this isn’t going to change the current Moze meta (Auto Bear builds are still FTW), she can probably live long enough while Iron Bear is on cooldown. That’s a win for Moze players anyway.


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