The Wonderful 101 Will Be Remastered For Nintendo Switch, PC, and PS4 [Update]

Story originally published on 4th February.

Update: The Wonderful 101 ports will be out on 19th May in digital form for the PC, Nintendo Switch, and PS4. However, the physical releases of these games will be delayed to 30th June in North America (which I’m sure a bunch of you have selected and pre-ordered for) and 3rd July in Europe.

Earlier this week, we uncovered a bit of a rumour where the Wii U exclusive action game The Wonderful 101 will be ported onto the Nintendo Switch. To top that air of mystery off, developer PlatinumGames also opened up this #Platinum4 website.


Turns out it will be a series of 4 game reveals. The first one is The Wonderful 101 Remastered port for not just the Nintendo Switch, but also for the PC and PS4. The catch? It’s a Kickstarter project, meaning that the company needs US$50,000 for the Switch version, followed by US$250k for the PC and US$500k for the PS4 version.

That’s nice and all, but this sounds like an impossible task. Getting all three ports and hitting those stretch goals is going to be a tall order and requires a heckaton of money considering…




It’s only been a few hours since the Kickstarter page launched and the pledge is already close to a million US$. Just a few days more and you’ll also be able to get PlatinumGames to create a Time Attack mode and also a 2D side-scrolling adventure game featuring The Wonderful 101 side character Luka.

Unlike most Kickstarter projects, this one is going to ship digitally to backers in April of this year, which is a few months from now -physical versions will only ship in November. While that’s cutting it pretty close, PlatinumGames assured folks that the core content of the game is already established.

“[W]e are confident in the development schedule and guarantee that backers will receive their copies in a timely fashion.”

As to why it needs Kickstarter, the company said that it still hasn’t reached a point to self-publish its own games. Despite the recent capital investment from Tencent, The Wonderful 101 Remastered plan won’t be using that money since it preceded that agreement.

“Support from players and fans is vital in making this happen. With your help, we can create these brand new additions to make The Wonderful 101: Remastered the definitive release you all deserve, and bring it to more platforms so everyone can enjoy.

And of course, all additional content funded through stretch goals will be made available to backers for free!”

To which I say: hell yeah! Based on the latest tweet, it seems like they’re doing just fine within a day.

Let’s hope they don’t pull off some switcheroo like Ys Net did with Shenmue 3 or something.



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