Streets of Rage 4 Guide: How To Get S Rank For Each Stage

Stage Walkthrough

We published a few videos on how to get S Rank on Hard mode for each stage so that you can get the “Maniac” achievement. Do note that the score count is higher for Hardest and Mania difficulty, which means you can’t make too many mistakes and combo breaks.

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Author: Mr Toffee

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5 thoughts on “Streets of Rage 4 Guide: How To Get S Rank For Each Stage

  1. You piss about telling us what we should do without actually telling us what score we need for each level for s rank. Brilliant

  2. Scoring, scoring, scoring -_- It’s not as fun as it was. These games aim for fun and anger release.
    Adding all this scoring and elaborate combo and co things kills Beat’em’ups and, more generally, fighting games.

  3. I find SOR1 Adam pretty awesome due to the fact even his normal combo will throw an opponent into others and make a whole crowd down to the floor, and with a good “flying” range. I don’t know why this is not mentionned.

    Shiva is fast and cool but doesn’t use any weapons, it can be a problem in front of huge crowds.

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