Free Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Update Adds New Game Plus, Red Lightsaber & More

In celebration of Star Wars Day on 4 May 2020, publisher EA and developer Respawn Entertainment have released a free content update for Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. This is a massive update, which should make fans of the game extremely happy.

New Journey+ Or New Game Plus

Jedi Fallen Order Free Update 6

The Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order update adds a highly-requested feature into the game; New Journey+, which is the game’s version of new game plus. Players can finally replay the game’s story while bringing over stuff from your first playthrough.

The following will carry over into New Journey+:

  • All cosmetics, including lightsaber colours, lightsaber parts, Cal’s ponchos, and others.

However, all abilities will have to be re-learned in New Journey+.

New Cosmetics, Including Red Lightsaber

Jedi Fallen Order Free Update 7

A lot of fans bemoaned the fact that Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order doesn’t feature the option of wielding red lightsabers. The developers probably noticed that, so now it’s been added to the game, albeit only in New Journey+.

In New Journey+, players will also have a new Inquisitor poncho skin for Cal Kestis to go alongside that red lightsaber and two new lightsaber cosmetic sets; Protection and Defense I & II.

Jedi Fallen Order Free Update 8

Now the only thing that is missing are just actual dark side Force abilities.

Meditation Training Combat Challenges

Jedi Fallen Order Free Update 1

Even if you’ve finished the game, players can now check out the new Meditation Training option, which can now be accessed from any Meditation point in the game. These are new challenges, in the form of Combat Challenges and Battle Grid.

Combat Challenges will pit Cal against waves of enemies across multiple planetary backdrops from across the galaxy, including the Imperial stronghold Fortress Inquisitorius. Each unique location will feature its own unique challenges, with different numbers of waves.

However, it’s worth pointing out that Meditation Training has been designed for veteran players and for when Cal Kestis is at his strongest towards the end of the game.

There are 12 challenges in total, each with three stars. Unlocking twelve stars in total, regardless of how many you get per challenge, will give players three new BD-1 cosmetic skins.

Star 1: Complete the challenge
Star 2: Complete the challenge without healing
Star 3: Complete the challenge without taking damage

Jedi Fallen Order Free Update 2
“Onderon Bloom” BD-1 appearance.
Jedi Fallen Order Free Update 3
“Kesselstone” BD-1 appearance.
Jedi Fallen Order Free Update 4
“Galionica” BD-1 appearance.

Meanwhile, the Battle Grid mode is a sandbox for players to create their own encounters. Players will be able to select a location, the size of the encounter they want to face, tinker with various difficulty modifiers and set the overall combat difficulty to one of the four difficulty levels.

Jedi Fallen Order Free Update 5

As an added bonus, this mode will also feature unique enemies not available in the story, including Cal’s Master Jaro Tapal and the dark side version of himself, Inquisitor Cal Kestis.

Quality Of Life Improvements

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 13

The folks at Respawn Entertainment have also improved several aspects of the game with new quality of life improvements. These include:

  • Option for button-mashing quick-time events to be skipped.
  • Needing to hold the Climb button can now be disabled.
  • Holding a button to confirm/interact with something can be changed to a button press.
  • Text size scaling options have been added.

In the meantime, check out the trailer below, or head on over here for our full in-depth review of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order to find out why it was one of the best games in 2019.


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