Maternal Instinct: Celebrating The Best & Worst Moms Of Video Games

Article originally published on 11th May 2018. Brought forward because today is Mother’s Day.

This May 10th, we give thanks to our mothers and moms for raising us right and proper, as well as take care of us during our childhood and even adult years.

At the same time, we also hold a moment of silence for the mothers of video games. They have it rough; they either die early, turn evil, or have their kids run off to go questing and some other world-saving nonsense.

From the best to the worst and in-between, let’s raise a glass or two for these hard-working and (mostly unloved) matriarch figures in video game history.

Brigid TenenbaumĀ – Bioshock


This aged woman is the mother of all the Little Sisters and Big Sisters. Her research created these little ADAM-filled tykes and the grown-up badass versions of them. Her motherly instincts kick in when she had to take care of them while in the now-dystopian Rapture. Better late than never, eh?

Jenova – Final Fantasy VII


She takes care of Sephiroth and gave him his powers, but at what cost? The cost of blowing up the entire world of Midgard for misusing the planet’s Lifestream energy. We know that the in-game corporation Shinra deserves all the hate, but why involve everyone else? That’s just mass genocide.

Queen Brahne – Final Fantasy IX

She snubs her own daughter Dagger for ultimate power. Nothing as stereotypically evil and irresponsible as putting your own needs before others, eh? Especially to your own flesh-and-blood.

The Queen – Ico


She is the woman responsible for Ico’s stoney predicament and Yorda’s quest to escort her away from the castle. You think having a wicked stepmom who boycotts you from dinner is bad? Try having a mother who turns you to stone, only to have some interloper with a club and a horned helmet help you out.

Ness’ Mom – Earthbound


She isn’t a bad mother, but she isn’t overseeing her kid Ness enough. She lets her son go out and play with his friends doing telekinesis and pyrotechnics stuff in the town they all live in. At least she’s there to talk to Ness when needed.

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