To the surprise of gamers everywhere, Malaysian developer Metronomik has announced that No Straight Roads is slated to release for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, alongside the originally-announced platforms of PS4 and PC (exclusively on Epic Games Store) on 30 June 2020.

According to the official Twitter account for No Straight Roads, the Collector’s Edition of the game will also be available for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, alongside the PS4.

However, the game is not yet ‘live’ on digital storefronts (except the PC on Epic Games Store) at the time of writing. On the Epic Games Store, it’s priced at US$18.99 (or roughly RM82+).

The No Straight Roads Collector’s Edition, which includes the following additional exclusive items:

  • A 10-track vinyl record featuring an awesome selection of tracks from the game’s OST.
  • A 64-page The Art of No Straight Roads artbook featuring never-before-seen artwork.
  • A set of collectible No Straight Roads drumsticks, so you can jam out to NSR’s music at home.

No Straight Roads 4

In addition, the Nintendo Switch version of No Straight Roads will feature an exclusive Assist Mode, which lets an additional local co-op player take control of the Elliegator, a secret assistant who helps players in battle by picking up items, transforming props & offering bonuses during gameplay.

No Straight Roads is an action-adventure game that mashes together rhythm-infused combat with a vibrant offbeat world and a killer soundtrack. Although music plays a central role in the game, it’s not a conventional rhythm-action game. However, listening to the music can be critical to mastering the combat.

What this means is that enemies will attack according to the beat of the music. Players can then attack, parry, jump and move freely in third-person perspective while listening out for special cues to dodge enemy attacks.

The game pits two passionate indie rock band members, Mayday and Zuke, against EDM empire NSR, whose tight grip on Vinyl City is smothering the expression of other music genres. Playing as Mayday and Zuke, it’s up to you to lead the musical revolution in Vinyl City and take the fight back against NSR’s musical megastars.

It’s sort of like the plot of Trolls World Tour, but with rock being the good guys instead. According Wan Hazmer, Metronomik has been working with famous artists like James Landino, Andy Tunstall, Funk Fiction, Masahiro “Godspeed” Aoki, Az Samad, Clyde, and the game’s own music director Falk Au Yeong.

In the meantime, check out the latest trailer below.

You can also check out our exclusive interviews with Wan Hazmer himself when we visited Metronomik last year in the two videos below, as he discusses what it’s like to be a Malaysian-based studio making a major title like this, what he learned when he was working with Square Enix, and more.


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