Chinese Dota 2 Team Gets Lifetime Ban For Alleged Match-Fixing

It’s a dark day in Dota 2 esports as organization and esports group Newbee has been found fixing matches; allegedly, anyway. As a result, Newbee is receiving a lifetime ban from the Chinese Dota 2 Professional Association and IMBA TV; no more Dota 2 tournaments for these guys.

The punishment stays in place for the organization, all its main team players, and team leader Feng Yiqing. The banned players are:

  • Xu “Moogy” Han
  • Yin “Aq” Rui
  • Wen “Wizard” Lipeng
  • Yan “Waixi” Chao
  • Zeng “Faith” Hongda

In an official report (via VPEsports) there is “relevant evidence was synchronized with all the parties and has been submitted to Valve and Perfect World”.

Imba TV also posted a separate announcement regarding this:

“Imba Media resolutely cracks down on all actions that violate the spirit of e-sports, and resolutely maintains a fair and just competitive environment. The original intention of holding the DOTA2 series league is to help the Chinese DOTA2 team and players to better practice themselves, improve the level and improve the overall strength of CNDOTA2, rather than provide a hotbed for unfair competition!

I hope that all participating clubs can take this as a warning, strengthen the management of players and teams, and resolutely resist unfair competitions such as fake matches”

Newbee made an official statement denying all accusations and expresses their intention to file an appeal.

“We express our understanding and respect for the CDA alliance’s decision. However, since the establishment of the Newbee eSports club, it has never participated in any fake matches and gambling activities with the club or branch as the main body. We will file an appeal for the penalty of the CDA alliance regarding the Newbee eSports club.”



Author: Mr Toffee

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