Ghost Of Tsushima Looks Like The Assassin’s Creed Japan We Deserve

The latest State Of Play live stream has unveiled almost 18 minutes worth of gameplay footage for Sucker Punch‘s highly-anticipated Ghost Of Tsushima. The new Ghost Of Tsushima gameplay trailer features a closer look at exploration, combat, and customization options in the upcoming game.

Ghost Of Tsushima Exploration

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In Ghost Of Tsushima, players can use the Guiding Wind mechanic to find their way to the next location (which they have marked on the map), as a literal gust of wind will appear to guide the player to where they need to go. Besides that, players can also use visual cues in the game itself, such as a stack of smoke in the distance.

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Meanwhile, certain animals like birds and foxes could lead players to important locations like shrines, which also acts as fast travel spots. Interesting locations include abandoned buildings where players can scavenge for resources and items.

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Ghost Of Tsushima Combat

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There are two approaches to combat in Ghost Of Tsushima. The first is the way of the Samurai, where players can meet enemies head-on and engage in honourable one-on-one lethal standoffs. Players can also use the bow in combat, as well as parry the attacks of enemies (even reflect arrows) for openings to counter-attack.

What’s interesting is that Ghost Of Tsushima also features the ability to change combat stances, which will be very familiar to fans of Team Ninja’s Nioh franchise. Certain combat stances will inflict more damage against specific enemy types, lending complexity to combat.

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The other approach is considered less honourable (for some reason) and referred to as the way of the Ghost. Players use stealth, distracting enemies with throwable objects and quietly assassinating them. If you’re discovered, players can resort to smoke bombs or even kunai for quick instant kills.

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Some enemies might even fear the player so much that they’re paralyzed by fear, leaving them vulnerable to the player’s attacks. Similar to From Software’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, there’s also a grappling hook mechanic in Ghost Of Tsushima.

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Other Ghost Of Tsushima Features

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In Ghost Of Tsushima, players can equip different Charms to activate different buffs, as well as use Technique Points to upgrade and learn new skills. Armour isn’t simply cosmetic, as each of them has its own advantages.

The new gameplay trailer also confirms that Ghost Of Tsushima will feature a Japanese voice track option and a photo mode, as well as a setting for a black-and-white cinematic mode to emulate the visual look of classic Samurai movies and give the game an Akira Kurosawa flavour.

Ghost Of Tsushima Black And White

That’s all we know about Ghost Of Tsushima so far. It is slated to release exclusively for the PS4 on 17 July 2020. For the Malaysian prices and details on the different editions of the game, head on over here.

In the meantime, check out the new gameplay trailer below.


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