Let’s Rate These New Overwatch Anniversary 2020 Skins

Another year, another anniversary for one of our beloved team-based shooters of this generation: Blizzard’s Overwatch. We’re still waiting for part 2, but in the meantime, we have some new legendary skins to fawn over in celebration of the game’s upcoming anniversary this 19th May until 9th June.

The new Legendary skins revealed so far are for Ashe (and B.O.B), Mercy, Reaper, and Zenyatta. Let’s rate them while we wait for one more day!

Ashe and B.O.B’s “Little Red Ashe”

Might as well get that fetish out of the way. It’s not totally accurate since Red Riding Hood’s skirt is long and almost touches the ground, but it wouldn’t fit Ashe’s rough-and-tumble personality.

Rating: Four big sharp teeth out of five.

Mercy’s “Dragoon”

I’m personally not a fan here. It’s alright, but compared to the skins on this post, this one is tame by comparison. And she has worn better anniversary and limited edition costumes in the past. Let’s hope those eyes glow in-game when it’s out.

Rating: Two piles of hoarded gold out of five.

Zenyatta’s “Huitzilopochtli”

The detailing and head deco for this skin is spot-on. Zenyatta looks pretty god-like here; I’d put this alongside his Cultist, Ifrit, and the Jjonak octopus special.

Rating: Five Aztec sacrifices out of five.

Reaper’s “Masquerade”

Phantom of the opera, ho! And a very red and gold one to boot. This ensemble is super-stylish yet menacing all the way through.

Rating: SSS-tyle out of five.

In any case, these skins -alongside the ones I missed a few seasons back- are more than enough to entice someone like myself to start replaying Overwatch. Would you be doing the same? Let us know on our site or on our Facebook.



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