Malaysian Gamers Create Malay-Themed Wedding On GTA V

The COVID-19 pandemic and Malaysia’s MCO has been making everyone be creative with the hand they’ve been dealt with. Hosting public events like a Malay-themed wedding reception can be exceptionally tough right now.

Which is why seeing this being pulled off in Grand Theft Auto V (with mods) is a spectacular sight that inspires hope among everyone in the gaming community here.

This video on the GTA 5 Malaysia YouTube page, streamed by AvengedTV (via Malay Mail), showcases the bride, groom, and guests in their traditional purple and yellow garbs (purple for bride’s, yellow for groom’s).

Everything you would expect from a Malay-themed wedding is here, from the “pantun” gatekeeping bits to the dance-off at the end. Except here, the interruptions weren’t from disgruntled guests and the elderly, but from an alien driving a Delorean and a Grab Food delivery rider.

The wedding took place via the MYRP server; it essentially is a Grand Theft Auto V server that keeps a Malaysian identity. The server itself can contain up to 120 players at a time; about 40 to 50 people were involved in the wedding.

Who was responsible for the authentic mods? They were made from scratch by Arief Solehin and Isma Danial using FiveM. “Every mod resembling our Malaysian identity was created by these two young minds from Johor,” said streamer-slash-wedding-guest Noor Azwan Mohd Noor. “They were the ones behind the custom modifications and they were the ones who introduced it to the public”.

There’s More…

So what’s next in the Malaysian GTA V world? Azwan said they are in the midst of customizing a Hari Raya mod and setting up a traditional Malaysian village scene. Hopefully, you’ve nicked your free copy of GTA V on Epic Games Store so that you can check it out!


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