When it comes to Final Fantasy VII Remake top male heroes, every female fan will say the same thing: Cloud Strife is awesome and loveable. The stoic cold warrior who eventually warms up a bit while kicking ass with his oversized sword is top choice in that regard. But what about the plethora of females in the game?

The stars of the female cast get to shine in their own way in our playthrough, particularly with one significant improvement. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves: Japanese website Inside Games (via Sora News) created a poll asking people who their favourite FFVII Remake heroine is.

Here are the top results. Try not to act too shocked at the top two.

9. Scarlet, Madam M

Tied at last place are Shinra’s incredibly-stacked weapons development lead and courtesan-style kimono masseuse with a temper. The only way they can climb higher is if they can showcase their obvious trademark “cries”:

8. Betty

Bitch, please. I run SoundScape.

The young girl who asks Cloud to go search for cats and music CDs in the Midgar slums as side-quests. Not sure why she’s ranked lower though.

7. Barret


I think a good chunk of Japanese folks secretly want to date him when they reach the Gold Saucer romance portion in FFVII Remake Part 2.

6. Marlene


Gotta admit; that kawaii magic works when you give Barret’s daughter a bit more screen time.

5. Kyrie (35 votes)

A shoe-in to work in SPH.

Not-Yuffie fills in the minor role of kleptomaniac fake news spreader just fine.

4. Cloud In Drag (76 votes)

Square Enix delivered this pivotal 1997 scene with grace and perfection. How can he NOT be one of the best heroines of FFVII Remake?

3. Jessie (298 votes)


From throwaway side character to fleshed-out failed actress-turned-terrorist, this lady gets some top billing due to her gung-ho attitude and her never-ending thirst for some blonde ex-SOLDIER action.

Now we’re down to the top two. Guess who they are?

2. Aerith (635 votes)


She gets the best character and personality upgrade while still conveying a sense of mystery, especially in the last 10 hours of the game. Our video below explains why it works.

Still, that’s not enough to dethrone…

1. Tifa (892 votes)


Bar owner, martial artists, mother hen archetype to AVALANCHE and the eventual party; all that makes for a godlike waifu combo. I thought this might be a close contest with 2020 Aerith, but it helps that she won the battle for Cloud’s affection by default in the original game storyline.

I’m still waiting for the Remake’s version of Dolphin Blow. The world needs to see this in Square Enix Remake glory.

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