Just this morning, I came across this pretty nifty Facebook challenge post on my feed. Basically for the next 30 days, you have to list down a song matching the criteria listed.


Of course, the added challenge here is that you cannot repeat titles. One song per game. So let’s do this. For these 30 days -including today- I will put on my SoundScape hat and dish out my favourite tunes to match the requirements.

Day 1: Title Screen Music

The Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver 2 ~ “Main Theme” by  Kurt Harland & Jim Hedges

Any game featuring vampires, theatrics, time-travelling, and soul-traversing needs a haunting and chilling soundtrack to accompany it. And I feel that this main theme to the third in the series (Blood Omen and Soul Reaver were the first two) sets the stage for the twists and turns that follow.

With sound bites from Blood Omen echoing amidst the chimes and hard percussions that start getting heavier past the 1:02 mark, it’s clear as day that main anti-hero Raziel means business. Even if half of that business involves block-pushing and wall-phasing.

Day 2: Opening Level Music

Mega Man X4 ~ “Opening Stage X” by Toshihiko Horiyama

Mega Man X’s “Opening ~ Highway” is a landmark tune, but there’s a sense of sadness in part 4’s opening when you play as X. Like as if the more he fights his everlasting battle for peace, more innocent Reploids get caught in the crossfire.

The fact that almost all the bosses here are disillusioned military bots instead of infected Reploids sets the sombre-yet-ass-kicking mood of part 4’s entire score, kicked off with aplomb here.

What are we fighting for, indeed….

Day 3: Opening Level Music

Journey To Silius ~ “Stage 1” by Naoki Kodaka

Naoki Kodaka is known for making Sunsoft bangers and earwigs from the NES/Megadrive Batman games to Fester’s Quest. Journey To Silius is basically one of his later and darker works, channeling a post-apocalyptic future that is kinda like Terminator.

Wait, wasn’t this NES supposed to be a Terminator game before the license-holders got cold feet and went to another game publisher instead? I wonder how that turned out.

Day 4: Music From A Console Exclusive Series

InFamous (PlayStation Exclusive) ~ “Anything For Trish” by Amon Tobin

Tobin’s audio manipulation magic works wonders for this soundtrack. While “The Courier” and “Stampton Bridge” showcases his unique sounds better, I personally gravitate towards this track because the string work here sounds so damn edgy and cool.


Stay tuned at 6:30pm GMT+8 tomorrow for the next update. 


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