What’s It Like Being An Anime Maid In Malaysia?

On this special Kakuchopurei full interview, we go online with marketeer & musician Eunice Yin and find out what’s it like playing a maid in a café set in Malaysia.

Is it any different than in Japan? Find out!


2:00 – How it began
5:33 – La Petite Fox Café
6:30 – What’s it like being an anime maid in Malaysia?
9:25 – How she deals with troublemakers & newcomers
11:45 – Role-switching in maid cafes (tsundere, ara ara, moe, ojou)
14:20 – Selling the idea
16:29 – What she learned from cosplaying as a maid
18:56 – Why she loves doing this
21:15 – Chobits

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Author: Team KKP

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