The recent Borderlands 3 free event Revenge of the Cartels not only introduces a ton of new awesome Legendary weapons, but also new weapon anointments for all Legendaries that increases damage tenfold. Which is why it’s pretty awesome news that these anointments will still stay in the loot pool even after the event ends 4th June.

According to Gearbox (via Kotaku), all anointments will still be available in random weapons after 4th June. “We value our community’s feedback and will continue to evaluate anointments to ensure we’re giving players the best possible experience.”

Why are these a big deal? Because these extra bonuses on weapons range from dealing 300 percent damage to enemies with high health, dishing out 150 elemental damage if you’re below 50 percent health, or even squashing foes with extra damage when they’re at low health. Basically, these are the type of high-level anointments that specific Vault Hunter builds for the past few weeks have thrived on, especially for Moze.

Right now, I’m running a Moze build where her shields are high, her health is at 1HP, and her damage output is through the roof because of these anointments. I’m happy that Gearbox is reconsidering their previous decision to stop handing out these anointments in random Legendaries post-Revenge of the Cartel.

However, you won’t be able to farm for more Cartel weapons after the event is over. So hop to it; here’s a list to get you started. I’d go for the OPQ and NoPewPew assault rifles.



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