Respawn Commits To Apex Legends With Dedicated Studio

Respawn Entertainment recently celebrated its tenth anniversary and has announced the opening of a new studio in Vancouver, Canada. The developer’s second studio (after its first and previously only one in California) will focus on the continued development of its battle royale game, Apex Legends.

According to, the new Respawn Entertainment studio will be led by a team which includes head of operations Henry Lee and team director Steven Ferreira. Lee said that Vancouver was an ideal spot because of the existing EA Vancouver campus and that they are planning to expand to a size of around 80 people.

The developer currently has a long-term plan for Apex Legends to grown into a franchise similar in scale to that of EA’s FIFA or Activision’s Call Of Duty. Apex Legends recently launched its Season 5 just last week, introducing a new playable Legend and adding more content to the game.

However, does this mean that we can’t expect anything else but Apex Legends from the developer in the future? Respawn COO Dusty Welch reassures gamers that while Titanfall 3 won’t be happening anytime soon, the developer will still be working on other games as well.

“We love to dabble.

Vince [Zampella] loves to dabble in all kinds of projects. His taste for game-making is not just in shooters.

But look, you’ve got Star Wars out there — that’s a huge passion for Vince and I — and we love all kinds of different games, and we’ll continue to think about ways to expand.

But right now, for at least for our team here [in Vancouver], Apex is a huge focus and a great opportunity.”


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