Take-Two Plans To Launch 93 Games Over The Next Five Years

During a call with investors today to discuss its Q4 2020 results, games publisher Take-Two Interactive shared that they are planning to release a whopping total of 93 games from its various internal and external developers over the next five years.

According to Take-Two Interactive president Karl Slatoff (via GamesIndustry.biz), 63 of these games will be “core experiences”, 17 “mid-core titles” and 12 “casual/arcade” games. It’s worth pointing out that “core experiences” don’t necessarily mean AAA titles, but are instead described as “engaging experiences, where you can play anywhere from five minutes to five hours at a time.”

To divide them even further, 47 of them will be from existing franchises while 46 would be brand new IPs. 72 of them are planned for multiplatform release (console, PC, and streaming), while seven (out of the 72) will also available on mobile.

The remaining 21 would be specifically for mobile platforms. Last but not least, 67 of these titles will be paid games, while 26 would be free-to-play.

Slatoff clarified that some of these could be subject to delays or postponement, while even more games could be added in the future. He also reassured that all 93 titles will be full games and not DLC.

Developers under Take-Two include Rockstar Games, 2K Games, Ghost Story Games, Private Division, and Socialpoint. However, the biggest caveat here is that the 2021 fiscal year will be relatively light on new releases, so the 93 planned titles will begin launching in the 2022 fiscal year.

Surely one of the 93 games must be GTA 6, right?


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