F1 Drivers Display Fear (and Hate) for Racing in the Rain In Latest Virtual GP Round

Covid-19 has brought multiple sports to a halt but no sport have adapted to this better than Formula 1. Running virtual races involving real-life Formula One drivers via the  Virtual GP tournament, more and more racers have participated in these races which take place on the supposed dates of their real-life counterparts which were cancelled due to Covid-19.

Ferrari’s Charles LeClerc, Red Bull’s Alex Albon and Williams’ George Russell were among the standout names in the star-studded grids. To date, six races have taken place with the most recent one being Monaco last night which also saw Mercedes’ Valterri Bottas making his Virtual GP debut.

But that wasn’t the standout of last night’s spectacle which saw George Russel pick up his second win of the (virtual) season. In fact, it was the drivers’ clear disdain for driving in the rain as seen in the clip below;

Virtual GP races which are played on Codemasters’ F12019 showcase realistic weather effects and although the drivers clearly avoided from getting soaked in their seats, their contempt for wet races were clear.

The highest profile of the lot, LeClerc couldn’t hide his surprise with a huge ‘What is that?!’ upon finding out that he has to race in the rain while Russell assumed that there was a mistake. You can only imagine that it’s their exact same response when rain is forecast during race weekends.

As this is the next best thing for racing fans out there at least until the current season resumes, we suppose we don’t mind seeing the game throwing some curveballs at the drivers’ directions (or expense) – for entertainment’s sake of course.


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