[Rumour] The Division 2 Will Get New Story Missions & Endless Game Mode

A few days ago, Ubisoft launched a public test server for its loot-and-shoot third-person action game The Division 2 to showcase some updates for the community. Turns out one of them poked a little too deep, revealing some juicy upcoming tidbits for the shooter.

Reddit user definiteylanalt16 dug into the PTS build and found a number of audio files that may reveal Ubisoft’s future Division 2 plans and beyond, including a new game mode. We’ll just put the spoiler tag here in case you’re one of the many who are looking forward to more Tom Clancy narrative in their loot-and-shoot titles.


Players will be fighting new targets in Manhunt season 2. For those who don’t know what Manhunt is, it’s a multi-part event where you kill five rogue agents – four lieutenants and one “Prime Target”.

The target for season 2 is Hornet. He was a boss in the first Division whom you “killed”; guess he’s back again and you’re given the honour of cleaning up that mess again. Manhunt season 3’s prime target will be Bardon Schaeffer, the Black Tusk Specialist Unit Leader. Season 4’s prime target is Faye Lau.

There also might be a new replayable mode where players need to secure a skyscraper floor by floor; a sort of procedural generated endless level mode filled with lots of enemies and even more loot.

This sounds all exciting for The Division 2 players, assuming these audio leaks are true. Stay tuned to Kakuchopurei for more Division 2 news.

Author: Mr Toffee

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