Take-Two Files Hint At GTA 6 Coming In 2023

Publisher Take-Two Interactive (owner of GTA developer Rockstar Games) filed a Form 10-K with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission last week, which means a lot of financial stuff to financial experts. All we need to know is that the company is spending more than US$89 million just for marketing purposes in the fiscal year 2024, which ends on 31 March 2024.

That’s a huge number, but what’s so interesting about that? They’re a big company, right? Of course, they would spend big bucks. Well, it’s curious when that amount for that specific year is double what the company will spend in the fiscal year 2023 and fiscal year 2025, and nearly nine times as much as it will drop in the fiscal year 2021.

According to investment analyst Jeff Cohen (via VentureBeat), that suspicious amount might indicate that Grand Theft Auto 6 AKA GTA 6 will likely be released in 2023. Something similar happened when Red Dead Redemption 2 launched in 2018 when a huge spike in marketing spending was noted as well.

It’s worth pointing out that Take-Two recently revealed that they are planning to release a whopping total of 93 games from its various internal and external developers over the next five years. Surely one of the 93 games must be GTA 6, right?

2023 will also mark the tenth anniversary of the release of GTA 5, which would make for a great commemoration and marketing boost. However, GTA 5 remains popular even now, which is evident from when the Epic Games Store crashed following its offer of the game for free several weeks ago.

We’ll have to look closely at what Take-Two announces in the next couple of years. All of this remains pure speculation for now though.


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  1. If GTA 6 comes in 2023, it would make sense,
    Coz it will be released to celebrate 25 years of Rockstar Games
    We should be Happy that GTA 6 is taking so long because it proves that rockstar games are planning GTA 6 to be huge and better than our expectations

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