Nintendo Switch players have been recreating all kinds of stuff in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but a fan from Japan has recreated the entirety of Studio Ghibli’s award-winning animated masterpiece Spirited Away.

Japanese gamer Tsukimaro (@HUb0E61kOpP3F0a on Twitter) has been reenacting scenes from Spirited Away, including the scene where protagonist Chihiro loses half of her name when she’s convinced into signing a magical contract with Yubaba the witch.

Animal Crossing Spirited Away 1

Another focuses on the story of the abduction of Sen and Chihiro featuring dragon boy Haku.

Animal Crossing Spirited Away 2

Let’s not forget the mysterious and iconic No-Face.

Animal Crossing Spirited Away 3

Tsukimaro is really taking on the ambitious project of retelling Hayao Miyazaki’s magnum opus. Check them out below:

Part 1: Chihiro’s dad takes a fateful turn into the wood

Part 2: Transformation into pigs and meeting Haku

Part 3: The bridge procession and working with Kamaji and the Soot Sprites

Part 4: Signing the contract and getting encouragement from Lin

Part 5: Finding mom and dad in the pig pen

Part 6: The first appearance of No-Face

Part 7: No-Face handing out golden gratuities

Part 8: No-Face going berserk

Part 9: The engorged No-Face, now presented as a series of wall panels, and meeting plus-sized baby Boh

Part 10: Saving Haku

Part 11: The famous train ride and ocean scenes

Part 12: Chihiro learns Haku’s real name


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