According to Capcom’s latest developer update, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition will be getting new characters, stages, and costumes. Definitely more of the latter, if the male-focused fanbase is of any indication. *coughChunLiCammycough*

Street Fighter V will be seeing a final season; players can expect five new characters and three new stages. Because of numbering schemes and all.

“Due to the positive reception to Season 4 and Champion Edition, we are planning to do a final Season ‘V’, which will add ‘V’ more fighters to the roster. Three new stages are also being planned.”

Capcom will share more info about the new content “this summer”.┬áIn addition, the company will be hosting a costume contest that will allow fans to submit their own designs for any of the 40 characters on the roster. You can send your designs from now until 21st July; two winners will be chosen for this. Guidelines are all here.

The company also revealed more costume concept art from the development team. There’s a good chance these will be available as paid DLC in the final season.

It’ll be a while until Capcom can count to 6, but hopefully, we’ll be getting some fan favourites appearing in the game’s final season like Makoto (who is number 2 on a Capcom character popularity poll two years ago), Q, Dudley, Skullomania (?), Fei Long, Guy, and Oro. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing Rose, Maki (from CvS2), Sean with SF3 Second Impact tricks, and Garuda popping up sometime.


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