Natsume just announced that it will release the next Harvest Moon game, Harvest Moon: One World, for both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch this fall.

Instead of just focusing on your farmstead and the city you’re in, this new Harvest Moon game will make you explore an entire world while you manage your own farm. Your goal? To restore a variety of familiar fruits and vegetables to the world.


Just keep in mind that this isn’t the same Harvest Moon from the SNES, PlayStation One and Gameboy Advance days. That series, called Bokujo Monogatari in Japan, is now called Story of Seasons and is made by its original devs Marvelous. This particular Harvest Moon is from a bunch of other developers with Natsume using the brand name, since they own it.

Hopefully, this title will keep in spirit with the previous games from Marvelous. If you’re feeling skeptical and need that original Harvest Moon flavour, you can play Doraemon: Story of Seasons which is out now on PC; we heard it’s good stuff.

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