Recent Guilty Gear Strive Poll Shows Interest In Bridget And Baiken

While fighting game fans are sad that Guilty Gear Strive is pushed back to 2021, Arc System Works is at the top of their game updating its fans. The developers released the first entry in its “Developer’s Backyard” series where it provides information about the development of the upcoming fighting game.

And they’ve shared a lot, particular over which character they want to see included in the fighting game. Here are the results & breakdown:

  • Among the four regions (Japan, North America, Asia, Europe), the most consistent vote is for Johnny, who appeared 2nd in all the rankings.
  • North America, Asia, and Europe love their Kenshin Himura-with-boobs archetype because they voted Baiken to be number 1. They also voted Dizzy as their third most-requested character.
  • Japan is the odd one out, voting yoyo-tossing crossdressing boy Bridget as their top character to bring into Guilty Gear Strive. They also voted Ramlethal as their third most-requested character.


For more information on the game’s development head here. If you want to see a fun video on folks like Bridget, do check out our feature on non-binary fighting game characters.

Author: Mr Toffee

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