Borderlands 3 Guardian Breach Takedown Delayed; Cartel Still Active

It’s pretty hectic over at the US of A due to the Black Lives Matter protests, so much so that digital events are being postponed.

The latest delay is from Gearbox’s side: they are postponing the launch of Borderlands 3’s Takedown at the Guardian Breach and muting their social channels out of respect “for what’s going on in the world”. Furthermore, the company will be increasing funding for its 2K Foundations program by an additional US$1 million.

There is currently no new date for the launch at this point in time. While that is disappointing news, here’s the silver lining: the Revenge of the Cartel event will still be ongoing and live until the next patch. Which means that all you Borderlands 3 players will get a few extra days to keep farming for those OPQs and Yellowcake rocket launchers, essentially the few of the best weapons from the mini-event.

For more on how to farm for these, head on over to our Cartel loot guide.

Author: Mr Toffee

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