Japan Wants To See These Granblue Fantasy Characters In Its Fighting Game

Famitsu held a Granblue Fantasy Versus poll a while back. The results they received this week are pretty wild.

When asked which characters they want to see added in Granblue Fantasy Versus (via HDKirin), the most-requested are as follows:

#1. Sandalphon


#2. Cagliostro


#3. Vira


4. Seox


5. Sigfried


6. Siete


7. Silva


8. Vane


9. Beatrix


10. Clarisse




Seeing as Granblue Fantasy Versus will have new Season Passes coming in, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see the top 10 character requests making their way to the game. I’d personally love to see Seox and Silva rocking the Versus field.


The Famitsu poll also revealed the following:

Top 5 characters that people main

  1. Gran
  2. Djeeta
  3. Narmaya
  4. Charlotta
  5. Percival

Top 5 characters that people struggle to fight

  1. Ferry
  2. Ladiva
  3. Gran
  4. Charlotta
  5. Lancelot

Top 5 BGMs In Granblue Fantasy Versus

  1. “Butterfly Girl”
  2. “The Same Blue Sky”
  3. “Licht”
  4. “Existence”
  5. “Peacemaker’s Wings”

As a Ferry player myself, I can relate.

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