Amazon’s Free-To-Play Shooter Is Downsizing Its Game Modes

Amazon’s free-to-play shooter Crucible is not getting the reception it needed since it came out last month. Its developers Relentless Studios seem to know this, as it is cutting down on the game’s features after listening to feedback and criticism.

Crucible’s other two modes will be taken down so they can focus on improving the Heart of the Hive mode. Which means all you Crucible fans can say goodbye to Harvester Command and Alpha Hunters mode as they will be retired “for the foreseeable future”. All three of you.

In all seriousness, we do hope Relentless Studios can make this shooter work. They are doing their best as they’re also focusing on top priorities like “voice chat, a surrender option, a system to deal with AFK players ruining matches, an expanded ping system, and some form of mini-map”. The team will also be fixing player experience, matchmaking, hit feedback, and improving framerate.

That’s all well and good, but with Valorant already out and being more or less a good F2P shooter experience of 2020 so far, Crucible will have a tough fight in penetrating Asia. Assuming it even has a fanbase in Asia. The game’s already been lambasted for its boring gameplay and poor frame rate, as well as having unnecessarily big maps for multiplayer.

Author: Mr Toffee

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