The Top 7 Gun Classes In Call of Duty: Warzone

HDR: Your Go-To Sniper Setup

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Like in most battle royale games, picking enemies from a distance in Warzone is a staple strategy implemented by those who have good positional sense and awareness. We chose the HDR over the AX-50 and the Dragunov due to its higher bullet velocity which allows longer-range engagements with negligible bullet drop.

  • Monolithic Suppressor: You do not want give away your position when sniping hence we cannot emphasize enough on the need to equip the Monolithic Suppressor for the HDR.
  • 26.9 HDR Barrel: The longest barrel available maximizes your range and once paired with the Monolithic Suppressor, form a great combination that’ll take out unsuspecting enemies even 500 meters out. Or more.
  • FTAC Champion stock: Improves accuracy when aiming down sights allowing you to land that sweet, sweet headshot. Do not be discouraged by the movement penalty here as you’ll find yourself in prone position anyway.
  • Your Choice of Scope: Personally, we go with the Thermal Dual-Powered Scope to assist in scanning the environment and detecting enemies; you’d be surprised on how many people do not use the Cold Blooded perk. The Variable Zoom Scope is also a viable option for ranged engagements.
  • Increased Magazine size OR Sleight of Hand: This boils down to personal preference; you either prefer the ability to fire more than five consecutive shots down the range or slightly increased fire rate with a faster reload time.

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®_20200608113119

Use this setup if: You prefer a more methodical approach and have a steady aim despite a slower reaction. It’s the age. We know. We get it. We totally get it.

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