The Top 7 Gun Classes In Call of Duty: Warzone


The Gunsmith, which is featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer mode and  its free-to-play battle royale mode Warzone, is a godsend for tinkerers. This is thanks to the infinite combinations one can come up with to adjust and customise the weapons to suit their needs.

With the new season of Call of Duty: Warzone being just around the corner, we would love to share our favourite weapon classes to bring into the battlefield. Before we proceed, our philosophy when coming up with these loadouts are as follows:

You will notice a theme going forward where several attachments will be featured frequently. So to avoid repeating ourselves over and over, here are our recommended attachments and why you should use them in all your gameplans.

Monolithic Suppressor

You do not want to give away your position on Warzone freely. Unsuppressed weapons appear as a red dot on the minimap when fired so kitting your weapon with a sound suppressor is highly recommended.

While there are other variants of it, few rival the Monolithic Suppressor due to its ability to also increase damage range.

Merc Foregrip

While a solid argument can be made for the Commando, Tactical, Ranger and Operator foregrips, none of them were included in a recent Gentleman’s Agreement for the CoD League.

The Merc’s ability to reduce recoil and improve hip fire accuracy is deemed OP even by the pros so why not take advantage of it. Hip fire accuracy is super important especially when in close quarters while reducing recoil helps a ton when zeroing in on your target.

So without further ado, let’s start it with the ever-popular…

M4A1: The All-Rounder

You cannot make a weapons recommendation list without the ever reliable M4. Since launch, the M4A1 have been a mainstay in all modes due to its all-round performance and high adaptability.

For Warzone, we recommend the following:

The M4A1 reloads relatively quickly and with the abundance of assault weapon ammo around, we don’t see the need to include a larger magazine, nor equipping the Fully Loaded perk.

Use this setup if: You’re a boring person who eats bland cereal and have their steak well-done.


MP7: Too Close for Comfort

While the MP7 is not our favorite SMG in the game -that honor goes to the MP5 with 10mm ammo- it is the better SMG choice for Warzone. The high fire-rate, low recoil, and ubiquity of ammunition from the get-go makes it a melting machine which you should not sleep on.

While everyone else are kitting themselves for mid to long range fights, flip the script and take the fight to where they are totally unprepared with this up-close-and-personal setup.

Use this setup if: You tend to go against the grain and prefer to fight things on your own terms. YOLO!


AUG: The Gun Playing A Gun Disguised As Another Gun

The AUG is a curious weapon as its basic form comes with 9mm Parabellum ammunition, lumping it together with the SMGs. However, you are able to “upgrade” it into an assault rifle by converting it to use 5.56 NATO round, and further bump it up the foodchain,  giving it an LMG feel by attaching the 60-round drum magazine.

It is truly a wonderful weapon – the snappiness and fire-rate of an SMG, range of an AR with the capacity of an LMG. Here’s how to make one:

Use this setup if: You like balance in life. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Things are best when they are just right.

NEXT: Sniper Rifles

HDR: Your Go-To Sniper Setup

Like in most battle royale games, picking enemies from a distance in Warzone is a staple strategy implemented by those who have good positional sense and awareness. We chose the HDR over the AX-50 and the Dragunov due to its higher bullet velocity which allows longer-range engagements with negligible bullet drop.

Use this setup if: You prefer a more methodical approach and have a steady aim despite a slower reaction. It’s the age. We know. We get it. We totally get it.

NEXT: Grau

The Grau of War

The Grau is fast being a favorite of many due to its versatility rivaling the M4A1. The clear iron sights of the Grau also negates the use of an optic attachment, paving the way for a more robust weapon.

Use this setup if: You’re not such a boring person and eat their steak medium to medium-rare


The Multi-Tasking DMR

Although the SCAR is an assault rifle by default, it can be converted into an effective DMR build by equipping the right attachments. In this build, we concentrated on its ability to hit targets in range while ensuring viability in emergency close-quarters engagements.

Use this setup if: You’re the sort of person who would try something new without asking how it tastes like


The Bulky Beamer

Until recently, LMGs haven’t been very popular in Warzone due to their clunkiness and bulk. Ever tried reloading a PKM mid-gunfight? It’s not fun.

All that changed following the introduction of the Bruen MK9, which is based on the real-life M249 SAW LMG. The base weapon, while fun to use, is far from the final form of this highly underrated gun. Here’s how to improve it:

Bonus: Equipping the following will produce a weapon closely resembling Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier’s trademark gun in the Captain America and Avengers films. 

Not the most viable for Warzone, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

Use this setup if: You have average aim but want to take on medium to long range engagements. And if you want to be like Winter Soldier.

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So what’s YOUR go-to weapon(s) setup for Warzone? Share them in the comments section below and if you have something cool you want to recommend fire away as well!

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