Dragon Quest’s Hearthstone Clone Out On PC Late June; Region-Locked To Japan

Square Enix’s digital collectable card game Dragon Quest Rivals, which is essentially Hearthstone but with the Dragon Quest license, will be out on PC late June. The problem? The PC Steam version is region-locked to Japan.

Features on the Steam version include three competitive modes (Ranked Match, Free Match, Room Match), guild creation and participation, and Invitation Arena which lets you construct a deck with random pick-up cards and battles. So it’s essentially Hearthstone’s Arena mode but Dragon Quest.

Right now, it is only playable via Yahoo! Games, iOS, and Android. So if you’re a huge fan of a series that’s built off of the backs of titles like Wizardry and Ultima and seems to rely a lot on its Akira Toriyama-tailored charm and nostalgia pandering, go nuts with that version.


Author: Mr Toffee

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