[Rumour] Leaked Harry Potter RPG Will Be Out Mid-2021

Remember that leaked clip of that alleged Harry Potter RPG title from Warner Bros Interactive a couple of years back? Turns out there’s new info thanks to a new alleged leak.

According to someone who claims to be working for WB Marketing, the company plans to show off the new Harry Potter game this year. The title? Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy.

Here’s the breakdown of the title:

  • Players will get to choose the gender of the Hogwarts student they will control to play the game all the way through graduation in the school. They can also determine whether they are pure blood, muggle, or half blood.
  • The game deals with mature themes, which may either make this Harry Potter title an “M” rated or “T” rated title at the lowest.
  • This RPG will feature romance subplots; you can marry love interests by the end of the title.
  • The RPG takes place after the events of the book, so you’ll be facing against a former Death Eater leading a cast of smaller villains.
  • What areas will you get to explore? You get to check out Hogwarts, Hogsmead, and The Ministry, all connected in a hub-based structure with their own NPCs and quests.
  • Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy will feature a skill tree with five branches, with some skills locked behind “Good” and “Evil” points. 
  • Combat in the title will be fluid, and relies on tactics and management of energy.
  • This RPG will also feature a Shadows of Mordor Nemesis system, where each playthrough will dish out one unique rival who you can either “beat, kill, or turn into an ally based on decisions you make in the game”.
  • Yes, this Harry Potter game will feature bonus modes like Quidditch and an in-universe card game ala Witcher 3’s Gwent.

This sounds awesome for Harry Potter fans, but when will it be revealed and when will it be out? According to the leaker, the reveal may happen before August. Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy (if that’s even its real title; “Hogswart Effect” is too on-the-nose) may be released on June 2021.

Again, take this with a grain of salt, but a lot of fans think it’s high time they should upgrade their Harry Potter mobile game experiences with something potentially meatier.

Author: Mr Toffee

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