Here’s A Despicable Way To Wipe Out An Entire Apex Legends Lobby

An Apex Legends player has discovered a cheat and exploit allowing them to crash the server to get easy kills and wipe out entire lobbies of other players.

It all started when Reddit user halo_shot noticed videos on someone’s Xbox account showing opposing players who were frozen in place, unable to react to the ruthless cheater as they tore their way through the map one body at a time.

Check it out below:

This guy somehow crashes the server on xbox to get easy kills from r/apexlegends

Within hours, the notorious cheater chillingly disappeared from the Apex Legends tracker network. There are several theories for how this player was able to crash the servers in the first place. These cheaters have apparently figured out a way to exploit the battle royale game’s recently-introduced reconnect feature alongside a crash bug.

This exploit then allows them to freely roam around the Arena while everyone else is stuck like reality have been frozen while attempting to reconnect to the game even though they might already have been eliminated by the cheater.

Apex Legends players are reporting this to the Respawn Entertainment with hopes of finding and fixing this exploit in order to prevent more cheaters from continuing to exploit it. It’s killing the game for other players, which is incredibly toxic for the community.

Reddit user jacklollz2 (via Dexerto) explained how the exploit works:

“Apex Legends currently has a feature that allows players to reconnect to their session if their game disconnects or the server has an unexpected error.

This person is exploiting this mechanic, and also exploiting a crash bug, to be able to freely kill people.

One thing is for sure: The server instance is being killed, and the exploiter is rejoining into a new instance.”


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  1. i was there with my friend, we would literally freeze in place right after touching down, we try to move around but it felt like we were lag infused to the point of freezing and a happy dude was going around wiping squads was weird and hopefully never happen again..

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