Here’s How Much The PS5 May Cost [Update]

Update: According to an Amazon UK spokesperson, the pricing is “an error. It was priced as a dummy product with a dummy price”. Still, given the PS5’s US$450 manufacturing cost, that base price prediction may not be too far off. 

Original story

It’s only a day or so away until Sony reveals the PlayStation 5 and its slew of games. And based on certain leaks, we may be able to pre-order it for a substantial amount of money.

According to a tweet from Wario64, the 1TB HDD model of the PS5 will cost you US$759. However, we also found out that the PS5 2TB model also costs the same, suggesting that the listings on Amazon are using placeholder prices.

Despite this, some people claim that they’re able to order the upcoming console via these links. One thing’s for sure: if that’s the base price and base model we’re working with, we may be seeing some uproar from PlayStation fans.

The brand was synonymous with competitive prices; the PS4 base price started at US$399 and did pretty well for itself against the Xbox One. Conversely, the PS3 was priced at US$499 and lost to the Xbox 360 in the first few years of its release back in 2006.

Hell, who could forget about how PlayStation dropped a megaton bomb of an announcement back in 1995 when it came to competitive pricing?

Yes, the COVID-19 will affect supply chain and production, and may have influenced the PS5’s supposed price to that much. But at the end of the day, first impressions and price tags matter.

Let’s hope this isn’t the norm and this piece of news be put to rest later tomorrow at 4am. At the very least, I can stop using the PS5 controller as feature images after that reveal.

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