The PS5 Is Getting Glorious Memes & Fan Art

Update: We’re putting in the obligatory PS5 fan art because damn, they look good!

Sony revealed its PlayStation 5 to the world, and everyone has words about it. We thought it looked alright, though if you place it horizontally and look at in at a certain angle, you’ll get…


It’s a Day One purchase for me if there are official attachments like these.

For those hoping for the days of the PlayStation 3 grill meme, your prayers have been answered with the PlayStation 5. Behold, the quotes and Tweets online about PlayStation’s ode to 1999 music video props.

The more I scroll on Twitter, the harder it is to control my laughter and, in some rare cases, contain my admiration. Well played, internet. You can own your PlayStation 5 reverse ice cream sandwich this Holiday 2020.

As a bonus, here’s our contribution:


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  1. There are people being weird on here, just pretending that they have the new PlayStation 5 Gamesystem. But they are just so desperate for money right now.

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