PS5 First Look Reveals A Sexy & Curvy Design

During the PS5 – Future Of Gaming live stream, Sony finally revealed our first look at the official design of the PlayStation 5 family of consoles. You read that right, there will be two versions of the PS5 at launch; a standard edition and a disc-less Digital Edition.

The PS5 console design looks sleek, modern, curvy and sexy all at once, especially compared to the boxy fridge-like design of the Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. Instead of the all-black design of previous consoles, the PS5 follows the same design aesthetic of the DualSense controller; a mix of white and black with blue-ish hues.

PS5 1

PS5 2

PS5 3

PS5 4

Alongside the consoles, Sony also unveiled a DualSense Charging Station, HD Camera, Pulse 3D Wireless Headset, and Media Remote. However, they haven’t announced the release date (besides the previously-revealed Holiday 2020 release window) or the price of the PS5.

PS5 5

PS5 6

PS5 7

PS5 8

PS5 10

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