Borderlands 3 Guardian Takedown Guide & Legendary Loot List

Guardian Takedown Legendary Loot Guide

We’ll be sure to update this guide if we come across more Legendary loot in this raid.

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Web Slinger – Vladof assault rifle. Shoots ricocheting bullets that split into 2 after a short distance, they will then start to following a corkscrew trajectory. While firing bullet element randomly changes to Cryo. When bullets hit something in arm’s reach, they explode on impact, knock the player back and deal elemental Splash Damage. Basically Gearbox’s nod to Spider-Man.


Globetrottrr – COV rocket launcher. Shoots bouncing energy disks that explode on enemy impact or after 3 bounces. After the first Explosion they jump straight into the air twice and explode on each bounce before they disappear. All 3 explosions deal elemental Splash Damage.


Smog – Hyperion SMG. Slow fire rate. While aiming and while the Weapon Shield is full: All Shots are amped and deal +125% Damage.

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