No Straight Roads Trailer Showcases Cast Tech Hub & New Idol-Inspired Boss

During last night’s Guerilla Collective live stream, Malaysian studio Metronomik’s action-adventure platformer and musical extravaganza No Straight Roads received a new gameplay trailer narrated by CEO and founder Wan Hazmer.

In the new No Straight Roads trailer, Wan Hazmer highlights and showcases one of the playable hubs in the game’s Vinyl City setting; called the Cast Tech district. Every hub district in the game is ruled by different bosses of varying musical genres.

Screenshot (49)

Screenshot (34)

Players can use their music to open up new areas and interact with objects strewn around the hub areas. They can also talk with NPCs (one is named Captain Torpedo), which will activate animated and lively conversations.

Screenshot (36)

The end of the trailer showcases a Japanese digital idol-inspired boss. Players will have to find a way to defeat her despite the boss not having a physical body to attack.

Screenshot (48)

Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t reveal a new release date for No Straight Roads, after it was recently announced to be delayed from its original 30 June 2020 release date to sometime in summer 2020.

No Straight Roads is coming to the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC (Epic Games Store).


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