Overwatch Gets Its First-Ever Young Adult Novel

The heroes in Overwatch are getting featured in their very own young adult novel titled; The Hero of Numbani, from Scholastic’s AFK imprint and critically-acclaimed author Nicky Drayden. It’s releasing today on 15 June 2020.

A threat is growing in Numbani, and a new hero is rising to meet it. Orisa, Lúcio, and
Doomfist are featured in this electrifying original story, but it chronicles and focuses more on the origins of Orisa.

The Hero Of Numbani

The synopsis reads:

Set within the technologically advanced African city of Numbani, a young inventor named Efi Oladele witnesses an attack by Doomfist.

Efi feels driven to build Numbani the hero it deserves, but as she races to complete her robot Orisa, Doomfist is mounting a series of attacks.

Can she stop Doomfist before it’s too late?

The Hero of Numbani is now available for paperback at US$9.99 (or roughly RM42+) and eBook at US$5.99 (or roughly RM25+). In the meantime, check out the trailer below.


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