Persona 4 Golden Is Now The Most Played JRPG On Steam

Last weekend during the PC Gaming Show 2020, Atlus finally announced Persona 4 Golden for PC and released it on the same day on Steam. Barely two days later, the game has already broken the record for the most-played (non-MMO) JRPG on Steam, with the highest concurrent player peak of all-time at 29,984 (at the time of writing).

The previous record-holder was Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition, which achieved its highest concurrent player peak at 29,279 (according to SteamCharts).

There are many reasons why Persona 4 Golden has managed to become so successful so fast. The standard edition of the game is only RM79 on Steam, which is relatively a lot cheaper compared to other JRPGs. For instance, Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is RM219 and Dragon Quest XI Echoes Of An Elusive Age is RM249. Granted, Persona 4 Golden is a port of a PlayStation Vita game from 2012, which in itself is an expanded version of a 2008 PS2 game.

At the time of writing, Persona 4 Golden stands at an “Overwhelming Positive” review score on Steam, which means that players are happy with the game. One of the tags for the game on its Steam page even includes the tag “Masterpiece”, which I personally agree is completely justified for Persona 4 Golden.

Do yourselves a favour and check out this brilliant game. In the meantime check out the trailer below.


Author: Alleef Ashaari

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